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July 13, 2016
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Solar Panels Prices

solar panels prices

Solar Panels Prices – Buyers Guide

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So, what do solar panels cost?

solar panels pricesThat depends on which make you buy, what size of system you wish to install and who does the work. There are a lot of products on the market and many companies to install those products, so both of these factors will have an impact on the cost of a fully fitted installation.

Solar Panels prices can also vary somewhat by region. For example if you live in Central London you could probably expect to find the costs of the work higher that those outside the City

To give you an idea of the likely costs we have put together a small buyers guide for your convenience – however, don’t rely 100% on these figures and always get a proper written quotation from an MCS certified professional.

PV Panels Price Guide

System Power Output at Peak Times (kWp) Estimated Power Output Yearly Average Fully Fitted Costs
1.0 kw – up to 9m square area 800 / 850 kwh circa £2500
2.0 kw – up to 16m square area 1,600 / 1,700 kwh circa £3000
3.0 kw – up to 23m square area 2,400 / 2,550 kwh circa £4,000
4.0 kw – up to 30m square area 3,300 / 3,400 kwh circa £6,500

Sizes of PV Panels can vary – the larger one’s can be bordering on 90cm x 160cm and in some cases, although you think you may have enough room on your roof, the way the panels are laid out may mean that not all of your roof space can be used to fit them.

Solar Thermal Panels Cost

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As with PV panels, Solar Thermal Prices will vary across the country, but as a general guide a basic system could start from £3,000. Higher quality products & installations could push that price up to more than £6,500.

The size of the installation needed is going to be dependent on your hot water demands and it is the consensus of opinion that to supply a larger home (4 bed) you will want a water tank of around 200 litres with 2 collectors.

  • If your existing hot water system is older or not compatible, then you could be looking at extra expense to “convert”.

Thermodynamic Panels can cost around £4,000 – £5,000 for a 53kw system, but at the moment they are not eligible for the FIT’s Income.

Compare Fully Fitted Solar Panels Prices

Any Installer that quotes will be a registered member of a National Trade Association. Helping you to benefit from consumer protection rights, insurance backed guarantee schemes and deposit protection.