Green Deal for Solar Panels
Green Deal for Solar Panels
July 19, 2016
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Thermodynamic Panels

What are Thermodynamic Panels?

Solar Thermodynamic Panels

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Thermodynamic Panels are said to be the latest technology breakthrough in renewable energy and are capable of providing the average family constant hot water all day, every day – irrespective of the weather conditions.

Inside the panel is a circulation system, these ‘capillary’ like tubes contain a special fluid (almost like anti-freeze) and it is this fluid that circulates around the panel and absorbs heat from the surrounding atmosphere (working like a reverse fridge).

The fluid turns to gas when it heats up and then the gas is compressed which makes it even hotter. The resulting hot gas is circulated through a heat exchanger fitted to a water  cylinder and heats up the water inside.

Thermo dynamic panels can absorb energy from every surface, not just the side that faces  the sun and this helps to improve the efficiency. Estimates put it that over 50% of the absorbed energy is drawn from the surrounding air, not the sun.

Hot water production: Better efficiency than Thermal Panels?

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  • A single thermodynamic panels is claimed to be able to provide enough hot water for an average family of  four people.

Solar thermal panels depend greatly upon sunlight and so they don’t produce hot water 24hrs per day. Because thermodynamic units utilise the surrounding air and solar radiation they stand to be a lot more efficient than traditional thermal flat plate & evacuated tube collectors.

They don’t depend as much on the orientation as other solar panels, but fitting them in a well lighted area will give you optimum performance e.g. facing a southerly direction.

Thermodynamic Panels

A high quality single thermodynamic solar panel may be enough to provide hot water for the whole household 24 hour per day – 365 days per year