Green Deal for Solar Panels
Green Deal for Solar Panels
July 19, 2016
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What are Thermo Dynamic Panels?

What are Thermodynamic Panels?

Hot Water 24 hours per day for free?

What are Thermo Dynamic Panels?In short, Thermo Dynamic panels are the latest innovation in the solar panels UK range and each is designed to produce enough hot water for the average family of four.

The really new feature about thermodynamic panels is that they operate by taking heat out of the surrounding air as well as absorbing solar radiation (and they do it from all sides of the panel), so even on days (or nights) where you may think that they won’t work – they do!

It’s claimed that they can work 24 hours per day every day, which gives them a massive advantage over evacuated tube & flat plate collector solar thermal panels, which basically rely on sunlight to work at peak efficiency.

In terms of value for money & efficiency, figures suggest that the COP is around 4 – that means you can see up to 4 heat units generated per single unit of electricity used.

  • To find out more about thermodynamic panels you can go here where you will find more information & free quotes for the cost of installing them to your home.